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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red, White, and Blue Crackle Nails Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how my sister did her nail polish yesterday for the 4th of July! You can switch out the colors if you don't want these colors. My sister has done this many times on her nails with all different colors.

Things you will need:

1. Red and blue nail polish
2. Clear coat nail polish
3. Nail File
4. White Crackle nail polish
5. Cotton swabs and/or q-tips
6. Nail polish remover

Here is the nail polish she used:

She got the white Crackle polish at Sally's Beauty Supply


STEP # 1:

My sister's nails are perfect! They are 100% real. She files them with a nail filer first...and pushes her cuticles back to expose more of her nail.

Then she painted every other one red....let them dry.

Paint the remaining nails blue. Should alternate from red, blue, red, blue. Let dry. Clean up excess polish that go on your skin with q-tips and nail polish remover.

STEP # 2:

After the first coat is completely dry, take the white Crackle nail polish and paint on top of the red and blue polish very fast! It dries suuupppperrrr fast....and you don't have to be as precise with the crackle.

Also, clean up any excess white crackle that got on the skin. 


STEP # 3:

After the white crackle is dry, paint over all the nails with a clear protective coat nail polish.
 Looks like my sister still needs to clean up her skin around the nails a bit to get rid of the leftover nail polish on her skin.

You are done!

My sister wants to thank you for viewing this tutorial!

Check back weekly for tutorials and more weekly!


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