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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gold Sugarpill Makeup Look

Hi there! Sorry it has been a while since my last post/tutorial. I have two new ones for you today! This one is how to do a pretty gold and black makeup look using Sugarpill eyeshadows, and the other is about dying hair extensions. I will post the extensions blog right after this tutorial.

I absolutely LOVE Sugarpill eyeshadow. Sugarpill specializes in highly pigmented awesomenesssss colors...and you all know that is what I am about!!! Bright colors for everyone!

I wore this look during a photoshoot the other day and it matched all five of my outfits. That is the great thing about wearing gold eyeshadow because it matches almost anything.

I used these three Sugarpill eyeshadows: Buttercupcake, Goldilux, and Bulletproof. Also, used a black shimmer, and white shimmer that I bought at Sally Beauty Supply.


STEP # 1:

I am sorry I did not start taking photos from the beginning, but I didn't think about it until I got to this part.
First I used a white shimmer with a soft brush under my brown for highlight.

THEN I took Sugarpill's Buttercupcake and put it on the inner half of my eyelid. Take Sugarpill's Goldilux and layer it over the Buttercupcake yellow.....I think it looks amazing like this....like a really bright pretty gold!

 I used a black shimmer eyeshadow from Sally Beauty Supply (I believe it is called Stary Night) on the outter half of my eyelids and used some in the crease as well.


 STEP # 2:

I used Sugarpill's Bulletproof on an angled brush to make a medium straight line under my eye coming to a point.

ALSO added some on my eyelid to make the edges a bit darker. Then slapped on some pencil eyeliner on my waterline!


STEP # 3:

I used some crappy eyelash glue that doesn't work for eyelashes but works amazing for gluing on jewels, so that is what I used to make dots where I will place the jewels.

While I waited for the glue dots to dry a little I added a fun bindi! Though I ended up cutting off the top of it because I thought it was too long.


STEP # 4:

Place the jewels.....then add some lashes! This glue was MUCH better glue than the glue I used for the jewels...this glue is called Ardell lash glue.

I used two pairs of really thing, long lashes then put some mascara over the top. Then added some liquid black eyeliner over base of the lashes to cover the glue (although the glue is clear, I think it looks a little better and more finished with black liner over it).

YAYYYY your done! Now fix up your foundation, add some lipstick or lipgloss and take photos of it and send em my way! HEHE.  :D



Remember to check out my blog about the colored hair extensions I am wearing in the above two photos!!!!

Here are some photos from the shoot I wore this makeup at!!

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